A simple 30 minute meeting with my couples a month before their big day can work wonders!

One thing I have found over the years is that wedding couples have almost certainly never hired the services of a photographer before so they are naturally unsure of what to expect on the day. This is where the pre-wedding shoot comes in, a simple discussion on how the day will unfold followed by a relaxed photo-shoot will do wonders for their confidence on the day.

One of the pictures taken is then mounted and presented to the couple at the wedding breakfast. I always enjoy the delight on their faces when they see the picture as they have  usually totally forgotten about shoot and the picture.

I then pass the picture around the various tables asking everyone to sign it. I always start with the top table and the mother of the bride, by mid evening the mounted picture will be full of goodwill messages and the bride and groom have something special to keep for the future!

The most important thing is that a simple pre-wedding meet installs confidence in your wedding couples and allows them to see how their big day will unfold, I never forget that they are putting a huge amount of trust in me to deliver perfect pictures for them.