_MG_7518I’ve had my 1DX now for a couple of weeks and I shot my first wedding with it last weekend, so how have I been getting on?

Well the 1DX allows you to shoot slightly differently to other cameras, because of its exceptional high ISO performance you can user set the auto ISO option on the camera. You set the upper and lower limits and the camera will move between the parameters when needed.

I set a lower limit of 100 ISO and an upper limit of 25000 ISO. The camera is pretty cleaver as only going to the high ISO’s when needed so most of the time is seems to use 800-1000 in low light and only going the extra when it really needs to.

I have now bought the new Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II. Quite a hefty outlay as the cost has gone up from the last model to £1750 (although I’m lucky that Canon have a rebate on at the moment of £235) Still its not a cheap lens, so how does it perform?

Well on opening the box I immediately found the lens to be lighter than the old 24-70 f/2.8L, this is because the body is made now of plastic not metal which I was rather disappointed about and the feel of the lens as it is not as solid as its predecessor.

So what is the performance like? Well I have to say that it is exceptionally good! The detail in the flower picture is actually a crop and you can see the detail and sharpness in the flower petals. The high ISO picture of the DJ setup was taken at 4000 ISO without any noise reduction, if I use Photoshop to reduce the slight noise then it will be invisible, pretty good for 4000 ISO!

Bokeh is very pleasing too and better than the old lens. Edge sharpness at 24mm is also better, although stopping down to f/5.6 improves edge sharpness even more.

Although this set up of 1DX and 24-70 f/2.8L II is heavy it is well balanced and actually not too bad. The increased depth of field for group shots (f/5.6) really brings out lens sharpness.

The new lens has another button, no its not image stabiliser unfortunately, but a lock switch so as the lens does not move in transit. I’m not sure I will be using this feature much.

The speed of focus is also a huge bonus with the the camera missing very few moving shots and its low light performance is great too. Shutter speeds have also been on the higher side as this is needed to combat the weight, 1/200 sec seems to be my minimum at the moment to avoid any camera shake and with the excellent high ISO’s available this has not been a problem to achieve.

So overall a cracking lens, perhaps I should not say cracking as its plastic and I would not want to drop it!

I have not purchased a flashgun yet for the camera as with its great performing ISO I have tried using a LED constant video light with good results so possibly a flashgun will not be needed.

I will be posting some more pictures in due course but so far I am very impressed with this set up.ImageImage